The V-Day Special Feature in Different Truths

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We, bring to you a Special Feature on the V-Day. Arindam thanks the Managing Editor, Anumita, all writers and poets, and the DT Team for making this a wonderful package. Hope you enjoy the exclusive package to celebrate Love in Different Truths.

Love, in its various forms, has been a part of our humanising process. Though all religions talk about love, Buddhism and Christianity, made it the very core of their theological narratives. Both Buddha and Christ, in different eras, spoke of Prem (Love) and Karuna (Compassion). Buddhism championed the cause of non-violence too and decried cruelty against animals. A Prince, who left the palace, his wife and newborn son, in the wee hours of the night to attain enlightenment as The Buddha was to enlighten the world. Much later, Christ, born in a stable, was also to speak about the same guiding principles.

At another point in history, we find St. Valentine, who worked for the cause of love and compassion.

Love and celebration are commitments. We choose to love and to be happy. We have the celestial lovers, Radha-Krishna, and their Leela (Cosmic game). An entire repertoire of songs, dances, theatrical performances and rituals have been created, with all its interpolations, over a period of time. In fact, social and ceremonial lives of people crisscross. And we have celebrations.

But, the Valentine’s Day, as we know today, is a product of the market economy. The crass commercialisation and gross display of carnal love is not what the saint had in mind. We cannot wish the world to be different. We accept it, as is, with all its blemishes and celebrate love.

We, in Different Truths, celebrate the spring festival of love and bring to you a special issue.

There is defiance and revolt by the young. They let their hair down. Maya talks of the changing perspectives of love, then and now, in the opening piece, Hold Your Tongue and Let me Love!

Mamta’s tongue-in- cheek piece, Cupid on the Assembly Line, adds another dimension to the festival of love. The author tells us that everyone is loving in the same conformist manner. It appears as if Love is on the assembly line with the same packing, the same shape, coming with an expiry date. Valentine’s Day has grabbed the eyeballs of the Indian nation, with a sizeable youthful population.

Our Managing Editor, Anumita, pens an enchanting tragicomedy, My Gift of Valentine! Life is strange. It gives and snatches away many things. The sensuous short story sensitively portrays the invaluable gift of Valentine for the protagonist, Josna. We have an open-endl ove story with several possibilities.

A Mini-Anthology of Poems on V-Day brings six poems from India and Mauritius, showing many colours of love in verse.

Shernaz collects quotes on love from writers, poets, scientists, satirists, comedians, actors, singers, artists with gratitude to internet sources. We see the myriad shades of love in the closing piece of the Special Feature, in Love: What They Say!

Hope you enjoyed the Special Feature on the Valentine’s Day.

Watch this space for another Special Feature on the International Women’s Day, on March 8. Our Literary Editor, Basudeb Chakraborti, with two co-editors, Lily Swarn and Alka Nigam, are toiling hard to bring to you all an amazing and memorable feature.

Happy Reading!

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