German Industry Divided on Links with Iran: Social Democrats, Left Hit by Factional Fights

Reading Time: 5 minutesOnly days after Netanyahu’s press conference attack on Iran, Trump tore up the U.S. copy of the Iran nuclear agreement. Only hours after that Israel launched its heaviest missile strike in Syria since 1973, with a reported 28 warplanes hitting Iranian sites south, north and east of Damascus, including a munitions warehouse at the capital’s […]

Chinese Designs on Arunachal Heighten Worries for India

Reading Time: 4 minutesWhat has added to India’s anxiety is that the report quotes a Chinese academician at the University of Geosciences in Beijing as saying that Chinese troops had to retreat from Arunachal in 1962 because “we had no people there to hold the land.” But now, with the ‘significant increase’ in the Chinese population in the […]

Milk Man Yogi Cannot Smell Coffee

Reading Time: 3 minutesThere are cow-ambulances to take hurt cattle to hospital. But ‘man’? His daughter gets gang-raped by people linked to a Yogi MLA and allegedly by the MLA, too, and when the poor distraught man raises his voice against the outrage, the MLA’s brothers and goons thrash him black and blue and there is no ambulance […]

Trump Regime Expanding Fast Foreign Military Bases: Peace Coalition Plans Massive Anti-War Demonstrations on April 14-15

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe U.S. already maintains 800+ foreign military bases in at least 80 countries around the world, mainly surrounding China and Russia—although the U.S. also maintains its fortresses on Cuba and Puerto Rico, and surrounding Venezuela. Here’s an analysis, for Different Truths. The U.S. President Donald Trump’s new discretionary budget will shovel 61 percent of the […]

Supreme Court Order, Largescale Violence by Dalits and its Political Ramifications

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe last few days have been very traumatic for India. TV screens have been filled with images of violent mobs on the rampage, scenes of wanton destruction of public and private property, and accounts of terrified citizens stranded in the midst of violence. The provocation was a recent judgement by a two-judge bench of the […]

Cambridge Analytica Boss met Trump before 2016 Poll: False Information through Facebook is Confirmed

Reading Time: 3 minutesJournalists posing as potential customers of the firm have released video of Alexander Nix, the now-suspended CEO of Cambridge Analytica, bragging how his company secured that data and used it to elect Donald Trump. In the video, Nix brags also about how he met “many times” directly with Trump to talk about the company’s efforts. […]

Are you Helping Terrorists through Stego Videos?

Reading Time: 7 minutesCyber terrorists have started exploiting Steganography as a gear to blast malicious contents beyond borders to spy on our digital habits like internet browsing history, device locations, standby timings, national secrets, critical defence strategies, banking data, personal records, telephonic conversations, SIM cards, photos and multimedia files stored in device or memory cards, social media profiles, […]

Takla Who Knows Bald Truths of Dawood

Reading Time: 4 minutesA key member of the ‘D’ for Dawood Gang, ‘Takla’ has been remanded to a 19-day police custody after being deported from Dubai on Thursday, March 8. Produced before a court, the TADA judge agreed that ‘Takla’ needs to be quizzed to get another angle on Dawood & Co. A report for Different Truths.  Farooq […]

Taking Indo-Nepal Relationship Forward: India has to Blame Itself for Nepali Estrangement

Reading Time: 4 minutesNew Delhi must accept the reality. What has happened in Nepal may not be to its liking but it has to reconcile itself to the new political situation, put its best foot forward to Nepal, accept that it is a sovereign country, try to repair the relations that have been soured and build Indo-Nepal relations […]

Megaphone From Across the Border: Inaction of Modi Govt. Curdles Kashmir Problem

Reading Time: 3 minutesHouses in Silikote have been shaking since February 20. The village is 10 km from Uri town. It is separated from Pakistan by a gushing stream that flows in from an enemy country. All 200 villagers have fled Silikote leaving it to the soldiers and the shells. People of at least 12 villages around Silikote […]