Technology Translating into Virtuality and Reality

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Technology is a life changing with the boundaries between the virtual and real diminishing fast, says Bangalore-based Farheen, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. 

Disney Research’s Magic Bench is an enriching experience because it helps you interact with the adorable animated characters, such as a baby elephant, giraffe, frog, and others.

This could be achieved using the augmented-reality technology. But, contrary to other augmented-reality environments, Magic bench doesn’t require either a special AR glasses or headsets.

The analogy I can bring forth is like watching a television. Yes, so you sit on the Magic bench and the screen opposite you creates a mirror image of you and your surroundings.

So how is it done to create that magical yet an interactive session? A camera and sensor shoots images and collects depth about the physical objects, such as the bench, the and so on and all these objects are technically integrated with the 3D animations.

In the interim, haptic sensors built into the bench deliver vibrations that are synchronized to animated actions on the screen, creating the illusion that the animated characters are occupying the real-world space next to you.

To understand how a Disney Magic Bench works, watch this video:

This Disney Magic Bench is not only an adventure for children, but for too.

It’s like going back to your and realizing your dream of interacting with the characters you admired and loved. I am sure this time, it would be great because your admired characters are amplified to perform actions and talk to you. What a thrilling experience it is to the real world mixed with the augmented reality world.

You’ve got a unique chance to relive your childhood in this technological era. Go for it!

Lego Boost is another child’s most loved game Lego. There is more to it now considering robotics being the main area of interest around the world.

Lego Boost is designed to teach coding to children ages 7-12. It teaches kids how to bring blocks to life with code. Yes, it is a “creative toolbox”, which contains three Boost bricks plus 840 other Lego blocks.

Lego’s young kid-targeted robotics set has a plethora of things to do, and it is a lot of fun to play with.

Lego Boost helps you enjoy more than 60 fun activities with simple drag-n-drop coding. You can have fun with Lego models that can move, talk and respond to real-world events.

It offers five models, a robot, cat, multi-purpose vehicle, builder and a guitar. It has two motors and a variety of sensors. To understand how to create these models and how the models would work, you need to download an app. This app helps you to code and how to go about creating the models. You can get into the coding area in the app and can drag and drop different modules per your requirement.

There are modules represented by colours.

  • Green: This is used for movement
  • Blue: This is used for actions
  • Purple: This is for speech

So, if you’re planning to start building different models, go for it because your childhood Lego world can be brought to live too. This Lego Boost kit is priced at $160.

Watch this video to get acquainted with Lego Boost:

How about making your child drink water without pestering them day and night?

It is a common sight, parents complaining about their children not eating well. The next complaint is not drinking enough water. Some of the children find it easy to water the plants rather than drinking water.

Can you keep a tab on that?

In this world of the and interactive technology, Gululu Habit Kit is born as a savior. Gululu is the world’s first interactive water bottle that keeps kids . Bowhead Technology has been invented this interactive water bottle. This bottle even has 3D version. Gululu water bottle is shockproof, health-focused and kid approved.

Children choose a virtual pet, such as Ninja, and it grows and makes friends when kids drink water from Gululu water bottle. The new 3D version gives vivid life to the virtual pets and more engaging drinking and interaction experiences to the kids. Children find themselves embarking on new journeys in the Gululu universe, where they win more collectibles and rewards and explore more stories.

Some of the features of Gululu water bottle are:

  • It sends out gentle reminders to drink water
  • Children drink water together, resulting in competing to drink more water
  • The chosen pet grows and explores for treasures when your kid hydrates regularly and thus gets rewarded
  • It is smart enough to ignore cheating if your kids decide to water the plants. This has an inbuilt cheating detector
  • It is super durable and shock absorbing bottle and the material is food grade, BPA free, and FDA approved
  • Gululu is Wifi connected and it automatically updates itself with new contents over-the-air, therefore, your child will never get bored
  • The detachable spout can easily be washed, so the bottle is bacteria-free
  • This bottle features a wireless charging cradle, hence it offers safe charging
  • It is certified IP67 dust and water proof. It can be submerged in water within 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. So, it is best to wash and rinse.

With Gululu, keeping your children hydrated in a fun way is easy. This amazing water bottle can be bought on

Technology is helping us revisit our childhood, moreover, it is also creating memories for children of this generation to take their technological experiences into another world.

It is bridging gaps, helping us communicate and now learning good habits and keeping them that way.

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