A Peek into the Revolutionary Technologies of 2017

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Farheen tells us about three revolutionary technologies that will soon change our lifestyles, in the weekly column, exclusively on Different Truths.

Some of the technologies that helped us keep our minds away from the mundane and traditional ways of driving, paying our bills and taking pictures. Here is a glimpse of a few innovations that would make you sit at the edge of your chair.

Self-Driving Trucks

Heights of automation and replacing humans with machines. With the advent of amazing technologies, we have heard, experienced, and seen automatic cars, now do we have self-driving trucks, really? The answer to this is a big yes.

When technologists offer such solutions to the world, such solutions should help solve major problems. So, are you wondering what may be the advantage to get such self-driving trucks on roads?

The self-driving truck will be favoured by many people considering these trucks will be safer and cheaper than their human-controlled counterparts. This labour saving technology can be a boon for countries that have a dearth of professional truck drivers or who are technology fanatics.

Mining giant Rio Tinto already uses 45 240-ton driverless trucks to move ore in two Australian mines because they believe that it is cheaper and safer than using human drivers.

You can watch this video to see how a self-driving truck operates on the road.


This technology will definitely disrupt jobs in many countries. We need to wait and watch how self-driving trucks will replace humans for better.

Face-recognition Payment System

We have been transported to different times now. We no longer want to carry cash for grocery shopping or to pay for our dress at a mall. We are too used to paying using cards or when we pay online, it’s using our Credit or Debit card numbers. Alternatively, we use e-wallets.

What happens when you forget to carry your wallet or cash on you?

You would not have any other option rather than returning home to get your card or cash to the store. Now, you need not worry because the revolutionary method of paying has arrived and people have started using this method for payment.

Finnish startup Uniqul has launched what it calls the first ever payment platform based on face recognition.

We heard about using fingerprints for unlocking many devices, but have you heard about using your face for payment? Did you ever think that your face can be used as PIN?

We have all heard of a phrase ‘face value’, now you can understand the deeper meaning of this phrase. You face is helping you to pay for the items you bought at a store.

How does it really work, the algorithms are processing your biometrical data to match your account with the Uniqul database while you are nearing the cashier. Your transaction will be completed in less than 5 seconds. Are you wondering how much time do you take to remove your card from your wallet?

This video will help you understand how face recognition helps you to pay at a store.

A word of caution to all the identical twins, triplets and quadruplets out there who ready to use face recognition technology.

360-Degree World

This view covers all 360-degree of a circle; comprehensive, incorporating all points of view.

While using our smartphones, one of the major concerns is to review camera specifications. Conventional cameras, which have narrow fields of view, 360° cameras sport magnified fish-eye lenses that require special optics to align and focus images across multiple points.

Photos and videos with 360-degree perspective might become the trend for everything from news coverage to vacation shots.

Doesn’t this picture look exciting and interesting? Imagine yourself on a scuba diving spree and you capture a 360-degree selfie. What an amazing adventure it would be.

The top brands playing in the 360-degree camera domain are:

  • 360fly – Video: https://www.360fly.com/360fly-4k (Embed it)
  • Humaneyes Technologies
  • IC Real Tech (maker of the ALLie camera)
  • JK Imaging (maker of Kodak Pixpro digital cameras)
  • Ricoh
  • Samsung

The credit for simplifying the process goes to computer-vision algorithms so that it can be done on the camera itself, thereby helping people to live-stream video with minimal delays.

Technology never ceases to amaze us; wait and watch for more to unravel some of the innovations are available right now; some will take a few years from now to be introduced to us.

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