Tamasha: To Love…

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Anita reviews Tamasha.

Life does not begin when you find ; it begins when you find yourself. To begin a movie of passion in the second act, sustain its tempo and carry it into the third act without dropping the fervour takes a team of equally passionate individuals to hold it together on that octave.

Tamasha, with such effortlessness you see acting imprinted on Ranbir’s DNA, while Deepika with eyes so transparent you can see her squirming .

May not be everyone’s choice of drama, the detailing slows the pace but it’s all to take you to the moment of finding yourself, where you find love.


Directed by: Imtiaz Ali

Produced by: Sajid Nadiadwala                                                             

Written by: Imtiaz Ali

Starring: Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone

Music by:

Cinematography: Ravi Varman

Edited by : Aarti Bajaj

company : Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment

Distributed by : UTV Motion

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Anita Parikh

Anita Parikh

Born and wedded, into a confluence of different cultures, Anita has lived in both, a traditionalstate and a cosmopolitan city. She has seen an assortment of unfavorable rustic practices, as much as philanthropic efforts. Her latest novel is set in this backdrop. She is a developer and loves to dabble in digital Art.She is married to an architect. Anita is a film buff and has a good sense of humour.
Anita Parikh