Arrival: The Linguist Amy Adams Speaks a Million Languages with her Eyes

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An almost two-hour long, Sci-Fi movie, Arrival, keeps the viewer at the edge as the drama and mystery unfolds. Anita gives us a snapshot of the film that is worth watching in a theatre near you. Here’s a review in .

Movie cast: Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Whitaker, Michael Stuhlbarg, Tzi Ma

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Screenplay: Eric Heisserer

Genre: Sci-Fi / Mystery / Drama

Duration: 1 hour 56 minutes

: English, , Standard Mandarin


Standing bare in your emotions, facing them, as you come undone, when essence eliminates quest, if you were to understand that this is where you’d arrive, would you still take the road to here? And if you did, could it be because you are compassionate for the reason that you comprehend Time as recursive, not necessarily understanding it that way… and then is it those who  could fathom Time to be linear, who are offensive?

This is where Arrival brings you to. More about one’s own self than another person…an alien, it is about accepting and the interdependence that keeps us alive.

If the percipience of such a possibility is your genre, then don’t miss the unfolding of this beautiful story.

Watch it for Amy Adams, whose eyes speak a million languages, the perfect linguist to communicate with those who have arrived with an alien diction. And Jeremy Renner, the theoretical physicist, who pieces the bits together, as he unknowingly constructs his own life.

Devoid of futuristic weaponry typical of science fictions, written by Eric Heisserer, Denis Villeneuve delicately directs Arrival to resonate with our .

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