Behind Bars of Sunetra Choudhury Exposes the Deep Rot inside the Gaols

Young journalist Sunetra Choudhury deserves kudos for taking up this issue in her recently released tome Behind Bars published by the Roli Press. A volume like this was long overdue. She has identified a number of individuals and elaborated on their experiences within the custodial setup. The prose she employs is lucid and the narration […]

Jaya, Swara, and Lara: Three Natural, Versatile Actresses win Hearts of Cine-goers

Smriti profiles three actresses, Jaya Bachchan, Swara Bhaskar, both born on April 9, and Lara Dutta, whose birthday is on April 16, in the second part of Bollywood Birthdays. All these three actresses have one thing in common, they are natural, versatile actresses, who have won the hearts of cine goers effortlessly. Read more about […]

The Saffronisation of UP and In Search of Ram Rajya: A Journey Through UP Politics

A journey through the political history of India’s most populous state Uttar Pradesh sends 80 MPs to the Lok Sabha, giving it more say in national affairs than any other state. No less than eight of its politicians became prime ministers of our country as if leadership was in the very air they breathed. The state stands […]

A Love Affair that Became a Story

Pankajam reviews In the Flickering of an Eye, a novel by Neelam Saxena Chandra, which is a love story between two people of the same gotra. The village panchayat and the community are against the marriage of these two lovers. Find out more, in Different Truths. In The Flickering of an Eye by Neelam Saxena […]

A Country Between Worlds

Amidha was amazed to think that Stephanie would, after this first book, Bread of Angels, return not to Syria – we know what tragedy is transforming that ancient culture beyond belief – but to Jerusalem, with her husband, and in the life story she tells, this reviewer was struck by the evolving story of the unfoldment of the […]

Rules of Desires rooted in the Earthly Mantle of Life

Knowledge of the history and culture of the backdrops of Dipika Mukherjee’s stories are remarkable. The plots are based across urban Kuala Lumpur to cosmopolitan Shanghai, small towns of India, and the wilderness of Unites States of America. The characterisation of the protagonists with their trappings of desire could have been a bit more varied. In some stories, the […]

Old is Gold: These are few of my Favourite Films about Aging and the Elderly

Rita revisits seven sensitive films that break the stereotypes of the elderly – grumpy old men or kindly, self-sacrificing grandmothers. Only once in a while does a movie with interesting senior characters comes along and when it does, bravura performances by the elderly cast are an added bonus. Here are the thumbnail reviews, by the columnist, of the films […]

Bapu will Always Stand Tall

Borderless Gandhi, established in 2014, by Nilesh and Lele Makwana, is their expression of gratitude and appreciation to their adopted city of Perth. They hope to plant the seeds of harmony and peaceful co-existence within different faiths and communities. This exhibition was their attempt to endorse the values and legacy of the Mahatma through Sogani’s imaginative expression of Gandhiji’s […]

Sanchaari Celebrates the Pride of Allahabad, Organises Guava Festival at Khusraubagh

The sylvan gardens of Khusraubagh, the now forgotten but once vibrant haven of the fruit, once again was filled with the excited footsteps of children, men and women, all seeking out the pleasures of Allahabad’s dear fruit, Amrood. Sanchaari, in association with Uttar Pradesh Tourism, gave the people a reason to fall in love with Amrood all over […]

Virtual Reality: The Literature of Suspending Disbelief

‘Virtual Reality’ is a poetry anthology born out of interactions between eight poets (Aakash Sagar Chauhan, Anindita Bose, Daipayan Nair, Geethanjali Dilip, Gauri Dixit, Sunila Khemchandani, Fatima Afghan and Lily Swarn) in the virtual domain of Facebook. The launch of the book was held in Kolkata, on December 24, 2016, at Asutosh Birth Centenary Auditorium, Indian Museum. The chief guests at […]