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In the fifth part of the Goodness Guide, Krishna says that God allows each one of the freedoms over all our actions, good or evil. The choice to choose the path that one seeks for is that of the individual. However, the results of all our karmas (deeds) are as per God’s will. Those awakened among us can feel the differences between the gifts for good deeds and the punishments for all our evil deeds. Let’s fear God and carry on with the good deeds for happiness, says the columnist, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths.

Sometimes people say if God is watching everything, if He is always with us, how so many crimes happen? Exploitation, injustice, corruption happens? Why God doesn’t stop these, why doesn’t He block evil-doers from committing such crimes?

God has given us all protection and help. He is in our inner self; He guides us to a good way of life. But also he has kept us free, He does not dictate anyone. He has permitted total freedom of rights; One might do evil or one might do good deeds. But the results of all actions are reserved for Him. In the Srimad Bhagavat Gita, God says, Karmanyebadhikaraste ma faselu kadachana” (You have the right to action, but not of its outcome).

As per one’s nature and thought patterns, one may do the evil works for he has freedom of action. But he cannot escape from God. He might escape from his fellowmen or the laws made by men, but he is answerable to God. God has His own way to punish-purify and even transform one to a good person. You must have seen so many examples of this. And even your own life may teach you that you are punished in many small and big ways, so many times and that you get gifts from Him too. If you have awakened your soul, you might be able to feel this gift and punishment. Common persons do not understand how this “karma” responds. He blames other people or circumstances for the pain and sufferings that he gets in life; and when he gets gifts from God, he thinks it is his achievement of hard work!

So do not lose your trust in God, do not try to criticise Him or blame Him, and do not question His existence; do your duty wholeheartedly. God is watching you, He will give you proper results. There is no injustice in His judgments. Accept Him as the Supreme and do your work

without any expectations and you’ll lead a good, fulfilled and happy life. Seek for small blessings. These add up to your deliverance!

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