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Lopamudra’s dedication to the icon of Goddess Durga, the creative feminine force that is at the core of our religious, cultural and mythological milieu, a poem that attempts to transcend the image and metaphor of Durga and represent her in relation to the ‘Every Woman’ of our times. Here’s her verse, in Different Truths.

Markandeya Purana: “Durga came into being. The unique light, pervading the Three Worlds with its luster, combined into one, and became a female form.”

Let me be the Goddess in shining armour,

Let me be the surreal creative feminine force,

Let me regain my ten mighty arms, my fiery red clothes, my infinite power.

Bring me back my thunderbolt, my trident, my lion and lotus flower.

The cosmic rampage, the reign of terror is back,

Unleashed on earth. All forms of human–horrifying, grotesque,

Clenching, hungry–surround me, threaten me, mock my prowess.

A nemesis is here, an invisible cauldron, boiling along with

Black sins of human demons. Today, as the world invokes me

In temples and pandals, inside sacred places,

Let me creep inside the being of every woman,

Let me be the burst of elemental energy inside all of them,

Let me break my proverbial omnipotence, my impetuosity

Into thin slices, and bestow each one with a handful!

Within each of them, Durga, the unique light, the synthesis

Of beauty and power, would be dancing, rippling in waves,

Sputtering in myth and mystery. Amid the abysmal darkness

Of diminishing humanity, let me rise thus, from my ashes

And be the ‘Every Woman.’

©Lopamudra Banerjee

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