Srimad Bhagavat Gita Speaks of Universal Equality

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spoke on unity and of all creations and all creatures of this . In Gita, there are numerous Shloka, especially 116 shlokas that clearly explains the of all beings. He says nothing is separated or alone, and everything is linked with each other; all are strung on Him just like gems are strung on the thread of a necklace. Here’s Dr. , on the essence of the Holy Book, exclusively for Different Truths.

In Gita, the mysterious of this Universe and Creator of this Universe is unfolded with a great splendour. Lord Krishna spoke about His divine creations and He presented His Cosmic image to Arjuna. He spoke about the  of Creator and Creations in a lucid way.

Very simply and directly Krishna spoke on unity and equality of all creations and all creatures of this universe. In Gita, there are numerous Shloka, especially 116 shlokas that clearly explains the equality of all beings.

Krishna says nothing is separated or alone, and everything is linked with each other; all are strung on Him just like gems are strung on the thread of a necklace:

Mattah paratarang nanyatkinchidasti Dhaannajaya,

moyi sarbamidang protang sutre monigana iba. (7.07).

“There is no other cause or outcome of this universe except me, just like the jewels of a necklace are strung in a thread, the whole universe is inextricably existing in Me (7.07).”

All are part of the same Supreme essence, all are created from the same source of Him and all dissolve in the same Supreme soul. He is the origin of all and He is the last of all. All are in Him and there can be nothing which is separated from Him and or Superior than Him. He is the beginning and He is the end, He is the life or existence and He is the end of all.

Thus all creatures have same origin and same destination and obviously this means all are Equal only.

Many other shlokas also say the same truth: all are manifestation of – It exists in all – and all are sustained by Supreme Creator, few of these are quoted below:

1. Moya tatamidang sarbam jagadbyaktamurtina…” (9.04)

“All beings remain in My unfold image, everything is an expansion of Me”.

2. Aham sarbyasya prabhabo mattoh sarbang prabartate.

    Iti matva bhajante mang budha bhabasamanvita. (10.8)

God says: “I am the root of whole universe and whole universe abides in me—he who knows this worships me with love and devotion, they take shelter in me”.

3. Samoaham sarbabhutesu (9.29).

“I am abiding equally in all.”

4. Ahamatma gudakesha sarbabhutashayasthitah.

    Ahamadischa madhyang cha bhutanamanta eba cha. (10.20)

“O Arjun, I am present in beginning, the middle, and the end of all creatures, and I am the soul in inner essence of all creatures.”

5. Mamoibanso jibaloke jibabhutah sanatana. (15.7)

“In this world, the soul (Jivatma) that takes the body is my eternal part only.”

6. Samang sarbesu bhutesu tisthantang parameswaram.

   Binashyatsvabinashyantang joh pashyati sa pashyati. (13.27)

“He who perceives Parameswara (God) equally and immortally existent in all mortal creatures, he perceives the truth in reality.”

7. Iswarah sarbabhutannag hriddeshearjuna tisthati,

   Bhramayan sarbabhutani jantrarudani mayaya. (18.61)

Iswara (God) is gracefully exists in inner soul of all creatures and He with His Maya (holy illusion) is moving the creatures, who are riding on the machine-like bodies”.

8. “Sarbabhutasthamatmanang sarbabhutani chatmani.

Esate yogayuktatma sarbatra samadarshana. (6.29).

“One who sees his Swarup (essence) everywhere and immersed deeply in his inner essence in  that yogi sees his essence in all creatures and all creatures in his essence.”

9. Yo mang pashyati sarbatra sarbang cha moyi pashyati.

   Tasyahang na pranashyami sa cha me na pranashyati. (6.30)

“He who finds Me in everything, and see everything in Me, for him I am not invisible and he is also not invisible for Me.”

10. Sarbabhutasthitang yo mang bhajatyekatvamasthitah.

      Sarbatha bartamanoapi sa yogi moyi bartate. (6.31)

“The yogi who is dedicated to Me totally, worships Me existing in all creatures, he always lives in Me beyond all his activities.”

And among these Yogi, who realises that everything is Supreme Being is the rarely only available:

11. Bahunang janmanamante jnanabanmang prapadyate.

     Basudebah sarbamiti sa mahatma sudurlavah. (7.19)

After many births in human life a jnanban (premi), who realises that everything is Paramatma (Super Consciousness) and dedicates to Me, that type of mahatma (great soul) yogi is very rarely only seen.”

This divine message of eternal truth and of universal equality for all creatures, spoken by Lord Krishna, 5000 BCE is present in the Gita with all its grandeur; this poses a question to man how far we have progressed towards this universal goal!

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