Spiritual, not Religious…

Spirituality empowers us, while religious dogmatism blind us. Kabir finds the former in Durga. She helps us become socially responsive, in the special feature, in Different Truths.

I do not know whether She came from Kailash or not

I do not know whether the Puja divides anyone or not

I do not want to know because I love to know less

I know that She introduces herself with music

Even when the birds are asleep the Veena starts playing

Departed lovers meet as the sun meets the earth

Roads become crowded with unknown fellows

They belong to different ideologies but have a common thing

A warm smile whenever they hear Supriti Ghosh

Tagore starts penning his creation too with a humming sound

Devotees starts gathering their siblings

Making them well dressed to invite the Mother

Who resides in their every joy and sad phase!

My Durga Puja is not about finding logic

It’s about finding the right thing in the wrong

And it seldom needs me to be critical

My Durga Puja is not just a regular meeting

It’s about meeting the same people differently

Seeing the same river with a metaphor deep inside

Walking over the same lane with steps that is not a habit

My Durga Puja is not filled with figurative knowledge

It’s about engrossing my soul in decorating my home

Making the Durga idol land on my doorstep

Lifting her like a baby to feel the aura in the innocence

My Durga Puja is not about craving for love

It’s about believing that my love is mine

She will walk with me miles to enjoy the smell

Of the burning coconut skin creating a silhouette of Florence

Dancing with me along with the tunes of Dhaak

My Durga Puja is not about reading books of defeat

It’s about inhaling a new but known smell

It’s about getting Samaresh, Sunil, Mahashweta

Together, like friends meeting after a long time

Durga Puja is not meant to be a deception

It is a festival where religions unite deliberately

It’s about getting a new attire to make the world know

What it means to be a companion of evolution

I fail to be in a prison in Durga Puja

For I have known many failed days and night

Where I met the derailed flower

Now I just need them to bloom, like always.

©Kabir Deb

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