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An evocative poem on Diwali, structured like a ballad that explores many layers of meanings. The poet, Indrajit, turns his gaze inwards in the last stanza, as part of the special feature on Diwali, for Different Truths.


Diwali – a celebration of sound and light,
To mark triumph of right over sinful might.
A night deeply drenched in darkness,
And still radiant with every brightness;
Brightness of people’s trust that their hero kept,
Who suffered pain and privation but never wept.

Diwali – a dark night that glows to show,
The triumphant return of the conqueror of foe.
A night that marks the arrival of sunrise,
That breathed life amidst reign of vice,
Feat earned by obedience to father’s will,
And resolve never to submit before any ill.

Diwali – a night that marks the triumph of brotherhood,
Over the sins and onslaughts of step-motherhood.
Feat of womanly virtues that followed the steps of spouse,
Feat of the marriage holy vows that no attenuation allows.
Feat of husband-like duties that plundered all odds and ills,
Feat of friendship that united to punish worshippers of evils.

O’ Lord, a single night and so many reasons it has to glow,
I plead, grant me a reason too, such glow in my life to show.
I don’t lack the will to obey father or trust a brother or friend,
Nor I lack the worth of knight or grit that every hardship rend.
A life you have blessed me, aid me to earn a legend like fire,
And glow with such a glory that all my night wears Diwali attire.

©Indrajit Rai

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