Diwali Special Issue of Different Truths

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We, at (DT), shall publish a Special on Oct 30, this year. We apologise for the late announcement. Caught up with several administrative works, we overlooked it. The fault is totally ours.

We are sure that despite a slender deadline, our talented authors/contributors, columnists, poets, et al shall come up with brilliant entries.

We request our Authors/Contributors, Columnists, Poets, Photographers and Friends to send your kind contributions to us by Thursday, Oct 27th evening. Please note, Deadline is Oct 27, 5pm (IST).

Tell us what Diwali means to you. Diwali recipes are welcome too (with pix).

Those submitting their works for the first time need to send their Thumbnail Bio (in 75 words, not more) along with their pic to help us create their Author’s Profile. We need these just once.

Please ensure that your work is fresh and unpublished, not shared on any social media too.

Mail your creative contributions to different.truths2015@gmail.com.

Thanks & Regards,

Editors, Different Truths (DT)

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