Diwali Fest

Amidst the mundane rigmarole of life comes the joy of festivity, says Neelam, in the verse, as part of the special feature on Diwali, for Different Truths.

In façade, lights sparkle through water
music spreads through feet
a star to star seems a way,
heart trembles of luck, unanticipated.

When mirrors shine as we see
in dullness of life glow of
true happiness, acknowledgement
year has made a good difference.

Unconscious, unsure in this present
that soulful of bonds further drive,
home reverberates with joy cries of
children and blessings of elders.

Diwali suddenly when
spark of our adoration infuses
each corner of ignorance skims
in tender memories of kinship.

©Neelam Dadhwal

Pix from the Net.


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