Interaction of the EU Delegation in Varanasi on Pluralism and Diversity

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A European Union (EU) delegation of six members, visited Varanasi, on Dec 9, on the  Defenders Day. It met the district officials. Thereafter, Mufti Maulana Batin, Maulana Haroon Rashid and Sant Vivek Das (head priest of Kabirchaura Math) interacted with the delegation at Radisson Hotel. , diversity, and politics were main points of nearly an hour-long discussion and interaction. After that, the delegation of PVCHR introduced about the situation of human rights, movement, the Benaras Declaration and the ongoing struggle for the protection of Human Right and the establishment of democracy. A report in .

A 6-member delegation of the European Union (EU) visited Varanasi on Friday (Dec 9, 2016). It is noted that 9 is a Day of . The EU delegation had already visited Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh and had met the . The Chief Minister’s office sent a letter to district administration of Varanasi that EU delegation is a state guest. It is a good sign of hope for better mutual collaboration between Uttar Pradesh and the EU, in future, for a better world and pluralistic democracy.

Ms. Friederike Tschampa (First Counsellor, Head of Political Affairs, Delegation of the European Union), Dr. Anne Vaugier Chatterjee (Attaché Political Affairs, EU), Gerards Jan Jaap (Second Secretary for Political, Press & Public Diplomacy, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands), Ms. Seija Kinni (Minister Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Finland), Stijn Mols (Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Belgium) and Peter McIvor (Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Ireland) were part of delegation of the EU.

The EU delegation arrived, at 8 AM, at the Varanasi airport and was welcomed by the government officials. Mufti Maulana Batin, Maulana Haroon Rashid and Sant Vivek Das (head priest of Kabirchaura Math) interacted with the delegation at Radisson Hotel. Pluralism, diversity and hatred politics were main points of nearly an hour-long discussion and interaction. After that, the delegation of PVCHR introduced about the situation of human rights, Neo-Dalit movement, the Benaras Declaration and the ongoing struggle for the protection of Human Right and the establishment of democracy.

The EU delegation reached Shrividya Math, at Kedarghat, at 12 noon. There was a grand welcome by the devotees of the Sanatan Dharma. In-depth discussion with Swami Shri Avimukteshwaranand Maharaj ji, on Sanatan religion, Kashi, pluralism and diversity and history of the tradition of Adi Shankaracharya were the main points of the important meeting.

Swami Shri said that all religions are against and sectarian thinking. But fascist political forces are using religions for capturing the power. The delegation was happy to view the Ganga from Shrividya Math.

At last, the delegation talked with professors at Malviya Peace Centre and the faculty of social sciences, Banaras Hindu University (BHU).


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