Mahalaya: Ya Devi!

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Sunita remembers the , when the Goddess is invoked to drive away darkness from our lives. A for the feature, in .

She of the allied forces,
He of the foe,
She of the ,
He of the .
Symbolise victories,
Ethical histories
Come together, fight,
Of dawn overnight.
Mahalaya brings us new light,
As we open our sight.
To drive away darkness from our lives,
Sending us positive vibes.
Forget worries and past sorrows,
Let’s hope to see a better tomorrow.

©Sunita Paul

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Sunita Paul

Sunita Paul

For -based Sunita Paul aka Nitasu Laup, a single , reading and writing has been her passion. She won prizes in writing competitions. She began writing seriously after joining Facebook. Author Deborah Brookes Langford and Author Susan Joyner Stumpf helped her publish. Her two books, ‘Stars of Lightning’ and ‘Women of Passion’ are collaborations with different authors. Her first solo book, ‘Inked with ’ was published recently. She hopes to write a novel soon.
Sunita Paul

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