Durga, the Matri Shakti


Deeya, a feminist poet, invokes Durga, the Divine Mother, the fountainhead of Shakti (Energy), in an intense poem, as the special feature, exclusively for Different Truths.

The porous moon on the

Ubiquitous sky of a placid evening

Reflects the pool of waters and

Madness in Durga’s eyes.

The autumn blooms in her skin

She is the magic birthed

By the sky and the earth – Kailash

Is sacred, monumental, nevertheless

The earth allures her to home


Durga is a name; an enigma

She is a purple caress to an avid desire

A longing that runs havoc in

The veins, a hashish of oblivion

–          Every voice that rings through

–          The sun, showers, hail and mist

–          An occult that weaves magic

In sweat, through the thick and thin.


Bereaved wishes – violence and strife

Inequality, ignominy decors the forehead

Of Durga – raise your hands in praise

Futile prayers – Do you realise her?

She’s in extremity, in the song and

Celebration called life. Do not paint her

In evil colours, in nudity, in deflowering

In catastrophe – Can you realise her?

©Deeya Dey Bhattacharya

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