Three Ways to Raise an Exceptionally Smart Kid

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It takes an iron determination and a lot of hard work to raise a genius. Ritambhara gives us three tips, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths.

It’s a of every parent to see their child achieve newer and newer horizons with each passing day. Nevertheless, it takes an iron determination and a lot of hard work to raise a genius. Let us have a look at what it takes to make your kid stand apart from others.

#. Teach Your Kid to be Open to Multitude of Experiences

Imposing things on your kid in the name of raising them well is no solution. Instead, the kids should be encouraged to gather from their day-to-day experiences. These diverse experiences would make them realize that life is not just about success or failure, but a mix of both and they should be prepared to handle life as it comes. should encourage their kids to take intellectual risks and be open to failures as every failure is the reminder of success. The child needs are both emotional as well as intellectual and both should be given equal importance. An emotionally healthy kid is bound to be intellectually sound too. Emotional is as important as physical .

#. Avoid Comparing Your Kid to Others

Every child is unique in themselves and gifted and they should not be burdened with comparisons. Never make the mistake of comparing your child with kids or emotionally burden them. Every child has a strong interest in something or the . They are gifted with some kind of inborn . It is the duty of the parents to recognize that and provide them ample amount of opportunities to excel in their area of interest. No field is lucrative in itself. What is important is to stand above the rest in the field one has chosen. Inculcate in your child the sense of hard work, perseverance, and respect towards everything around them, be it work or .

#. Teach Your Kid to Appreciate Efforts, Not Just Ability

Nothing in this world is impossible. In fact, impossible in itself says that “I’m possible”. Inculcate in your child the habit of making efforts. Nothing can be achieved without efforts. When one tries to do something, they gradually develop the ability to do that thing. Some abilities we have and some we gather through our incessant efforts and zeal to achieve success. One should learn to never give up, no matter what the circumstances are. Life is a roller-coaster ride. You and you fail at times. Teach your child to learn to embrace failure and sharpen their abilities through constant efforts.

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