Adam Teasing Cannot Undo the Evils of Eve Teasing!

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Rina negates the counter-discourse that Adam teasing or paying back the men in their own coins, matching catcalls, comments, and ogling, is an answer to undo the evils of eve teasing. She favours a balanced approach rather than one gender edging out the other, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths.

Men are emotionally weak. But, they are overdriven and determined to achieve a dream for themselves or for social belongingness. As a result, their real belongingness is stormed under a social order. The idea is that society may achieve something from men. But, the reality is that social order moves on. Instead, the men still carry a storm of chivalry deep within to achieve loneliness any to destroy the social order that their clan created. Piquantly, it reminds us of Entropy.

This veneer of chivalry lives until they crack and are unmasked, red in tooth and claw. Their base (wild animal like) characteristics surface.

Any number of reasons may cause this stress. Strangely, it is rather irrelevant to our gender.  

A large part of this emerging stress is the role feminism and overly feminist movements have played, inducing tremendous levels of apprehension and a sense of belonging to men.

The tables are turned. Their place as the tough gender in the human species is under threat. Their position as the sole breadwinner is under threat. Every comment they make – regardless of how innocuous – is scrutinised deeply by some overzealous, if not whimsical, feminist activist. The accusation of being a chauvinist, of behaving like a bigot or misogyny follow thick and fast.  

It’s an emerging a global trend – regardless of how it was meant to be – the cruel world pounces mercilessly on the men, rendering them into a babbling mess.  

The lofty behaviour of increasing number of women, seated on their high horses, make it worse for the men. Many bra-burning feminists think they’re competing with men and that they need to prove their superiority. Women judge men a lot more than they let on. And they judge them by the standards that men don’t ever set for themselves.  

Comments and catcalls on how a man is dressed. If his jawline is set. If he walks confidently. His swag and style. If he’s hot and sexy are deemed very apt and acceptable. Who said that men cannot be teased? 

A not-so-handsome man is unwelcome in eyeing a woman because he has obviously not looked at himself in the mirror. Never mind that women insist they shouldn’t be looked at, yet seek to be appreciated! 

Globally, men are evolving in their mannerisms and conduct with women. It becomes imperative that women hold the high standards they set for themselves. They must prove their own mettle instead of edging the men out.

Women, unlike men, do not need victims to be victors! 

After all, didn’t wise women often speak of nature creating two genders for specific roles? Both are interdependent.  

A man has as much emotion and, in fact, seeks to be accepted by women much more than women seek men’s approval. A woman’s trust in a man often elevates his sense of conduct and belief in a positive way.  

These days, unfortunately, women are exploiting the global fad of having to be ‘politically correct’ instead of just being normal by being loud in their judgement of men.  

Men that cannot dress well, cannot earn a good salary (woe be gone the man that earns lesser than a woman), cannot change a child’s diaper, or cannot cook for his partner, is incompetent and incomplete.

This is completely disrespectful of the strengths that every man possesses. His traits are unique. He cares for his loved ones the way he can.  

In pushing men against the walls and judging them with catcalls or a woman’s own standards is wrong. The risk is that worst behaviour in a man will come to the fore. A snarling and physically confrontational male is not good for home and hearths, for the society. 

Women aping the evils of men undo everything that women fought for in a positive sense. It undermines the fact that women have always portrayed themselves as superior to men and yet seek to copy the ugly action of men that should never have been their role models. 

Teasing, taunting, and, thereby, insulting another person is wrong – being male or female is not the issue. If we insist on our stronger sense of virtues, it is time for women to resist these actions of teasing men or needling them. It’s even more important to stop other women that may be doing so.

Respect a person. Every single person is important in our lives.

Unwanted sexual advances are unbearable for any gender. Sometimes, the perpetrators and victims are of the same gender. We should focus on the ugly aspects of sexual harassment instead of favouring any particular sex.


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