Three Best All-Time Quotes to Help Letting Go

Sometimes, letting go could be the perfect solution to the grievances as it brings less harm than holding on to something that is just ruining your peace of mind or draining away your energy that can be put to best use for fruitful results. Ritambhara shares three best motivational quotes, in the weekly column. A […]

Umbrella: Saving Us from Sun and Shower

Ruchira traces the invention and antiquity of the umbrella, which is a must during the monsoon, in the weekly column. A Different Truths exclusive. An umbrella is a ubiquitous but highly useful item in our daily lives. For a major part of its life this object is relegated to a remote corner of the home […]

Punjabi Aiyar All Set to Crack Jokes at Imran Bash

Imran Khan has invited Navjot Singh Sidhu. The invitation went Wednesday evening to Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Sidhu, and actor Aamir Khan. Sidhu was first to accept. Maybe because Sidhu was a set opener for India and the first to face an Imran bouncer from the pavilion-end as long as both faced when playing for respective countries! […]

Diets, Alcohol and Millionaires

Here’s a tongue-in-cheek account on how our diets and alcohol affect our longevity, and how the rich and the famous lived and died, by Dr. Kulmeet. He dispels many fads, exclusively for Different Truths. Atkins, the famous man, who beat the General Motors diet hollow, to rake in millions, died weighing 280 pounds and his […]

Cheeks of Hema Malini: Mumbaikars Destined to End up in Potholes

Mumbai is where the Maharashtra Government’s seat is; where the Shiv Sena rules; where Raj Thackeray intimidates; where Bollywood tests the box-office; where cricket is played at all places and where roads are not like Hema Malini’s cheeks. Mumbai is also where annual Monsoon-invasions leave it crippled, drowning in filthy water, year after year. A […]

Ghosts and Vultures Wait in the Wings: There is Killing to be made in Realty

The first “sightings” of ghosts in Charki-Dadri, where two aircraft fell after colliding midair, killing over 300, were reported nearly two-and-a-half months after the horrific mishap. The ‘House of Horror’ deaths are not even a week old. Also, the police are camped outside and cop-fear follows the “guilty” to the grave, and beyond! A tongue-in-cheek […]

Have a Heart

‘Have a heart.’ People say figuratively to the heartless but what of the mite who literally did not have a heart to speak of, or rather one too small to sustain her after birth? Imagine a beautiful brilliant son abroad, who soared skywards career wise but had no time for marriage and a family who, finally […]

Three Ways to Keep Yourself Happy When You are Alone

Happiness is just a state of mind. No matter where you are, no matter what you do, you should be happy with that. Even if you are alone, you should make the best use of your time and keep yourself happy, says Ritambhara, suggesting three ways to be happy, in the weekly column, exclusively for […]

Two Killer Words in the News, Lynching and Assassination Flash across Screens, Pages

There is the lone-wolf – the assassin. Lynching and assassination are two killer words in the news these days. The former is wanton, brutal. The latter is fine-tuned, deadly. Those lynched are common folk. Those in the crosshair of the assassin are leaders of men: Kings and Presidents. Prime Ministers and Chancellors. Political. Assassinations make […]

Summer Vacations: Then and Now

Ruchira reminisces about summer vacations. Life in the past was simpler and uncluttered. The simple joys of yesteryears are passé. The concept of family outings has changed now. The tech-savvy generation, joy is just a flick of a button away, she opines, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. Seeing summer vacations come around, every year makes […]