Carrying the Past: The Story of Two Zen Monks

In an inward looking, reflective piece, Shameena asks, what is the use of carrying the unnecessary baggage of the past? She retells a well-known story of two Zen monks. It’s time to move on with life, she says, in this narrative, exclusively for Different Truths. “Sometimes the past should be abandoned, yes. Life is a […]

The Strange World of Blind Rats and Pushy Pied Pipers

  We have all turned into blind rats, lured by the flute of pushy Pied Pipers of the commercial and corporate world. Our needs, our ambitions, aspirations, dreams, even our spirituality, are all informed by this obtrusive army of dictators. Life is for living, not for beating the clock or winning a hysterical meaningless race […]

Many Friends, One Life!

Friends are like angels, helping, guiding, guarding, encouraging in different ways. They help us tide through our trial and tribulations. Life is like a stream. When we start we have speed, rush, force and less depth. We are in a hurry like a small steep stream gushing from the mountains. Then, we gain momentum when […]

Today is Another Night!

Life is wondrous! We all deal with pain and losses. We hide feelings. We, like the author, often ponder if it would be possible for us to take the relationship to another level. Would she meet the right man is what she thinks? This is one of the most debatable topics among women these days. […]

Words Matter: The Lateral Learnings of a Writer

Abha describes how as a writer, editor and book reviewer, she picked up interesting words through casual conversations, some word that flies in the air, or a work she suddenly stumbles upon. She finds a poem in her name, ‘Abha’ that resonates with her. Three more interesting words that she found were ‘chumma’, ‘itemgiri’, and ‘mamitsu’, with different meanings. […]

Today is Love

Anindita writes about Amma, her soulmate. She deals with love and avoid. The person she loved is no more. Love lingers, with sadness. Here’s a personal journey of the writer, exclusively for Different Truths. flowers and fragrances of sweet memories walk around the shadows of moments once cherished love is a memory that lives each […]

Cupid on the Assembly Line

Everyone is loving in the same conformist manner. It appears as if Love is on the assembly line with the same packing, the same shape, coming with an expiry date. Valentine’s Day has grabbed the eyeballs of the Indian nation, with a sizeable youthful population. This year it follows closely the footsteps of Vasant, the festival ushering spring; […]

Love: What They Say!

Shernaz collects quotes on love from writers, poets, scientists, satirists, comedians, actors, singers, artists with gratitude to internet sources. We see the myriad shades of love, as part of Special Feature on Valentine’s Day, exclusively in Different Truths. Love is a subject of perennial interest to all; an emotion everyone knows. Today, it will be eulogised in writing, […]

Faith Healing: How Effective is it!

Shernaz tells us about her visit to a faith healer, few decades back. Her mother had been bed-ridden with chronic and severe rheumatoid arthritis. Medication fortified by strong will power saw her pull through each agonising day. Two caring friends had cajoled this scribe. “Come with us just this once. Tell him about your mother’s condition and at […]

Winter is all About F-words!

Winter is at its last leg in most Indian cities. Subhajit picked the brains of the young, the now generation, about what they felt about this season. The young respondents felt that winter is the best time for food, fashion and festivities. It’s a time to let down the hair, to relax and laze beneath quilts and […]