Indian Spice in Moscow: Love and Time

Jeeva opened his first spice market in Moscow over fourteen years ago, when he was a student importing bags of curry and turmeric in his luggage. The spices he imported and sold were known to foreign diplomats, some of his first and most loyal customers, desperate for a taste of home in a country where many foods are […]

Losar: Tibetan New Year

The history of Losar dates back to the pre-Buddhism era of Tibet. Bon religion was widely practiced in Tibet before the advent of Buddhism in Tibet. During the winter season, it was a spiritual practice to burn large quantities of incense sticks to appease the local spirits, deities, and protectors. This tradition continued after the advent of Buddhism in […]

Broken and Lonely, Raju, the Vegetable Seller, Loves Crows

Thirty-six-year-old Raju, a vegetable seller, is lonely and broken. He was blamed for theft by his cousin, who was later caught red–handed, and lost his job. His wife was poisoned by his sister-in- law and she left him. He tries hard to make both ends meet, caring for his aged father. He wishes a child to call him […]

Wabi-Sabi: A Café and Lifestyle Boutique in Kolkata Embraces Holistic Approach

The hub of joy and ecstasy witnessed the inauguration of a place for the teenage where they could spend some quality time and hangout whenever free. Wabi-Sabi, a café and lifestyle boutique, is built upon the ruminants of old roots of bygone days and long lost handloom and other arts and crafts that made old Kundahar famous. Launched […]

No Homogeneity in India: It Coexists in Different Centuries, Simultaneously

Real India cannot be found in history books. Bhaskar, travelling through various parts of the country, in about five decades, found huge gaps in the understanding about the country, among different groups of people, separated by geography. Their lives belong to different epochs or centuries. In fact, money and advancement in technology do not go hand in hand with the […]

95-year Astronaut John Glenn, the Oldest Man on Space, Passes Away

John Glenn, other than being the senator from Ohio, was also the oldest man in space. He is, and will always be, one of us, an Ohioan’s favorite. His demise at the ripe age of 95, on December 8, 2016, is mourned by many. He breathed his last at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, in Columbus. […]

Tsampa: The Wonder Food

  Tsampa is one of the traditional food of Tibet. It’s made of roasted barley flour and often is consumed with Tibetan Butter Tea. In some parts of Tibet they completely rely on Tsampa, making varieties of it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Tsampa plays an important role in Tibetan diet. Pinches of Tsampa is thrown in air […]

Ferozepur, a Frontier District of Punjab, Blends Memory, Martyrs and Music

Ferozepur, an ancient city on the banks of the Sutlej, is said to be built by Feroze Shah Tughlak in the 14th century. The old city is surrounded by ten gates. Each leads into a labyrinth of streets with a flavour of yore preserved in the dialect and food. The people are hospitable and warm and many of them […]

A Brief History of Dalai Lama Institution and the Tibetan Schools of Buddhism

The origin of Tibetan Buddhism started in the fifth century during the reign of King Thothori Nyatsen with the arrival of Buddhist scriptures to Tibet from India. The scriptures were written in Sanskrit and were translated to Tibetan during the reigns of King Songtsan Gampo. The king married a Chinese1 Buddhist Princess, who came to Tibet with a statue of Shakyamuni Buddha […]

Life is no Magic Carpet for Salman in a Faraway Land!

Twenty-eight-year-old Salman is from Bhadohi, in East Uttar Pradesh. He was just 8-year-old, when he came to Chennai with his father. He and his six brothers are all in the business of selling carpets and rugs, a business that their father did. But, life is a faraway land is difficult. Though he had little education, he has […]