Oral Tradition

Minnal Braved Many Brutalities, Educated Children Against all Odds

Minnal Kodai, her name means ‘a streak of lightning’, had a harsh and brutal life. Orphaned at the age of 10, she worked as a maid from childhood. Marriage brought no respite. Frail in body, fierce in spirit, she became a flower-fruit- and-vegetable seller. Barely making two ends meet, she educated her two children. Shail profiles her oral […]

The Story of Rishi Vedvyas

There are conflicting claims regarding the birthplace of the great Rishi Vedvyas. One school of thought says that he belonged to Vedvyas, Sundergarh, Odisha. Sreemati  recounts the lore about the Rishi in this exclusive report to Different Truths. Harihara Panda chose the perfect day to leave for heavenly abode. It was Mahashivratri. He had also chosen the […]