Why Such a Hullabaloo Regarding Condom Advertisements on TV?

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Why are we prudes even after 70 years of Independence? Condom ads are to be shown from 10 PM to 5 AM, as instructed by the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Kabir asks a pointed question, exclusively in Different .

Condom ads to be shown from 10 PM to 5 AM as instructed by the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. That’s the extent of chauvinism. Just go back and remember (or maybe you don’t need to) that why a condom was invented. Obviously, to inhibit the sperm cells to fertilise the ovum, when the two persons involved in sex are not ready for fertilisation. Or in short, to have a baby. When it was in our textbooks how many people were aware of the fact “Condoms do exist”. Huh! It’s all running like a nation is building its monstrous house by suppressing the women, and now to a much higher extent. 

The two images that I would like you to form is that on one side take two girls, who were raped recently (just like every day). One from Hisar, Haryana. A girl 6 years old, who was brutally raped and then an iron rod was inserted into her parts. A picture of an everyday scenario in India. Yet another being the picture of a cancer patient, who was raped and when she screamed for help towards another , he came and raped her too, making it a gang rape. It’s not so uncommon in this so common patriarchal world where religion reaches humanity. 

Why am I comparing these two images with the condom ads? Obviously, because it’s a matter of stopping how this chauvinistic world is suppressing the feminine which is much larger than the male world. We pass our information from one to the other through the help of reproduction because we cannot attain immortality & for stopping untimely fertilisation of the ovum, condoms are essential. In a country, where buying a condom is a matter of grin, smile, and shame, if the ministry bans ads then it’s quite shameful for the ministry to stick to this . On one hand, we talk of awareness from HIV- and women empowerment, and simultaneously we talk of being a patent of patriarchy to ban the condom ads because our patriarchal country believes that condoms can destroy the culture and the minds of our children. In a country of 100 million (approx.), how can condoms replicate improper culture? There’s no answer to that. 

In a country where on each step a girl or a woman is raped, brutally, we stop a thing from being advertised which can stop her from suffering. Ironically, our country is encouraging rape in a direct way. We believe that our country is democratic, but how can we be sure about that when a woman is raped brutally and help comes to rape her even more? How can we be democratic by stopping what’s necessary to empower a woman? If this is development, then I think it needs proper treatment, because it’s better to be a naive person then to learn useless things.

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