Different Truths!

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The Truth is not absolute. In the era of information explosion, there are many ways, many truths. The Truth is not just the cardinal principles laid down by theology or scriptures. Here Anita explores layers of truths. She postulates the soul of this webzine, Different Truths.

They say, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.’  

At times, it appears so does Truth.

A Truth is a truth, and like pure black or white is not supposed to have any hue. And yet, Different Truths, is a truth too.

Take for example the instance of Air Traffic Controllers (ATC). They are the guys who do one of the highest stressed jobs in the world. Where each man (the controller), is directly responsible for hundreds of lives every minute.

When asked how they handled their job, two completely different schools of thoughts surfaced. One, where the traffic controller said he saw the dots (representing aircrafts) on the screen of his radar as, yes, mere dots! That, he simply saw it as a game of dots that had to be kept apart, that simply didn’t have to intersect at any cost. According to him if he saw it any other way, if he saw it as holding so many lives every moment in his very hands, he would be too stressed and would crumble under the pressure.

And then there was the other way of seeing it. Like another controller who said he saw the same blips as nothing else but that what they represented — lives…hundreds of them. He stressed that if he saw it any other way, say, like a game, he was afraid he’d run the risk of becoming slack. And make a fatal mistake.

So, there are Different Truths. Both true ways of doing the very same thing in diametrically different ways.

There can be Different Truths of the same subject. Yet, at its core, a truth will remain relative in nature. Like a dying judge very beautifully explained it to his understudy. When asked by his understudy what she should do, what stance she should take in a particular case, he tells her that while he could help her on that one case, she would need to be on her own for the rest of her life and so rather than tell her what he believes to be the truth in that one instance, and thus what appropriate action to take, he would rather tell her to always take the decision that would help make the world the place she would want it to be. That way she wouldn’t doubt her truth. As then she couldn’t, wouldn’t go wrong.

This, at another level, holds true in a parent-child relationship as well. Both will see the same things in different ways. Both are justified in their stance. Different Truths!

It’s in making a learned choice that a truth will always hold ground. It would be almost everyone’s collective truth; even if it’s not everyone’s.

As per one’s understanding and acceptance of the subject will be the truth of that person, ultimately. And there can be as many truths as there are subjects to the matter. All are relatively different. That can be very scary unless they are erudite.

Then the world will be a place to reckon when it understands this simple truth; that there will be different truths. All true. Assuming there is more than one truth at least. But still these are Different Truths, alright.

Born and wedded, into a confluence of different cultures, Anita has lived in both, a traditional state and a cosmopolitan city. She has seen an assortment of unfavorable rustic practices, as much as philanthropic efforts. Her latest novel is set in this backdrop. She is a software developer and loves to dabble in digital Art. She is married to an architect. Anita is a film buff and has a good sense of humour.