In the Light of Darkness

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Is death an end? Do the ones who have passed away ever leave us? There are ten dimensions. We know only three. Here the protagonist is in conversation with her loved one, who left seven days back. An eerie account by Madhumita, in her weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths.

“Come . Let me see you.”

“It is dark.”

“I see in the dark.”

“You cannot. I will not switch on the light,” I quipped.

“Don’t. I need no light to see. I see with my eyes closed. I see you with my mind’s eyes. I see you in the light of my eyes as you stand before me. I see you better in the dark,” said the .

“How so?”

“One sees better in the dark.”

“I cannot see. I cannot see you. I want to,” I pleaded.

“Try. And you will.”

“I am trying. My eyes are aching,” I confessed.

“Forget your eyes. Forget you ever had them. Close them. And now try to see.”

“I can see you now. You are standing there, smiling. A beam of light showers on you. I can see

you in the light of darkness.”

“Light masks our true selves. Just as clothes cover inner beauty. The covers the . You wear colour to screen the colour of your .”

“Come, undress me. I want to see the colour of your body. Let us paint a rainbow together, with your body and mine,” I urge ardently.

“I have no body. And we cannot do it together, my love, and we shall not. I might lose you then.”

This is how you come to me every night, in my , in my sleepless eyes.

“See me now. I have taken my clothes off. Come closer. Come, hold my hand.”

The light fades. The darkness creeps up close to me.

“You will see me better now. Here I am, beside you, with you. I am in your thoughts. And you are in mine. The night will end. And a new night will come. But our light will never fade. The light that we have created, the light that enwraps you, the light of our love.

“The light of darkness. The light of dreams fulfilled will light up our lives. With a never-ending love.”



Someone somewhere entered the certain uncertain room of love and switched on the light. And love was lost.

There came in many more people, men and women, hanging on to one another, and talking all the while in whispers, low voices. Too many conversations, unclear, obliterated the exclusive, ultimate dialogue of love.

He and She dissipated into the darkness barely formed in the corners of the brightly lit room, to sleep through the hours to wake up on a new night, hoping for an undisturbed darkness through  and days to come.

Her physical body sat on the bed as she looked on from a distance, for the visitors to leave and her love to return to her.

He had gone nowhere as the others had made her believe. He was with her. Just as he had been till seven days ago and will forever be. He had promised her that…

©Madhumita Ghosh

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Madhumita Ghosh

Madhumita Ghosh

Professor Dr. Madhumita Ghosh is also a poet and editor. Her poems have been widely published in print, e-books, journals and magazines all over the world.She has authored four poetry books titled For All You Lovely People, Pebbles On The Shore, Flowing with the River and My Poetry My Voice, and also William Blake; A Prophet for Mankind, a critical study on the British poet. Madhumita has presently a novel and a book of short stories are in the pipeline.
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