Yearning to Yawn

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Here’s a brilliant nonsense verse by Usha, on World Poetry Day, about yawn, in Different Truths.

When a yawn is out in the open
It leads to a lot of commotion
For concentration it has broken;
Leading to an ugly outpouring of emotions.

It leaves you completely helpless.
You have now become defenceless
As you have surrendered to tediousness.
Need to shake out of this dependence;
And work to get back an air of freshness.

Didn’t you know that yawning is forbidden?
Environment you have tried to dampen
People feel completely shaken
For you have wrecked their attention.

You risk by others, being trodden.
So don’t try to break the rule, golden.
Give your full attention to all events that happen
Otherwise, you’ll end up being heartbroken.

You should not be the henchman
But be the Good Samaritan.
With your timely intervention
Attempt to be the engine to liven
Events; in such trying- situations.

Beware of the ills that can befall;
Or you’ll hit your head against the wall
And end up having a great fall!

©Usha Sridhar

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Usha Sridhar is an independent researcher and resides in Bangalore. At a personal level she loves travelling, is an avid bird watcher and an amateur photographer. Usha is passionate about poetry and short stories. She loves to observe the ebb and flow of life around and weave them into tales in verse. Her poems and short story contributions have appeared in RatemyLiterature, MuseIndia, and efiction India. Her poems have also appeared in several anthologies.