Worlds Apart…

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There are the tussle and turmoil between the mundane and the noble worlds, in Aishwarya’s verse, in Different Truths.

En route this journey of life…

through the concrete jungle, lands,

mountains, rivers n’ terrains,

through the , sunset n’ ,

in situations favourable n’ unfavourable,

trying to meet the daily needs, while

against the odds for survival,

handling the egos n’ the attitudes,

sifting the real from the surreal,

all this while still being connected

to the earthy elements n’ values inherent

is the to which I belong today!


Yet, I of belonging to a blissful world –

that is liberated from the chaos n’ ordeals,

enriched in the reverie of the misty ethereal,

with an essence of humanity n’ bonding,

enshrined in love, mesmerised in peace,

drifting from breeze to breeze to breeze,

sitting quietly on the rocks by the calm seas,

under the full moon n’ the starlit dark sky,

with soft music of nature whispering in my ears

offering me the much needed respite n’ solace.


Oh! How I wish such a world did exist –

for this is just the place where I to belong,

but, I know it’s all a wishful dream, and

that they are two Worlds apart…

Photography by Jerry Uelsmann

©Aishwarya Damodar

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