Woes of Yesterday

Anoucheka warns us of yesterday’s woes that’s past and is gone, in this evocative poem, in Different Truths.

Yesterday’s woes should be left where they are

In a reality which has already disappeared

Meant not to be dug up

Meant not to be sought for

Yesterday’s woes should be forgotten

As if they had been erased by Time’s hands

As if they had been blown by the winds

Being mere droplets of sand!


Yesterday’s woes, be they

Love matters or petty sibling bickers 

Or even highly diplomatic disagreements

Should not be kept in the heart

Rather, after having slept over for a night

After having flown to the land being

So elusive during the conscious state

And after having been given a fresh start

Why yesterday’s woes should be treated

As if they had only been just presented to us

And with a fresh new outlook on these

We are to deal with them

With a warm but stoic stature

And a tolerant soul!


Why, since the day does end

Giving rise to a slumbering state

Since that also does end

Giving us all an opportunity

To feel like we have birthed again

Then, pray, of yesterday’s woes

We are to make as if they are the

Caterpillars’ bodies

Now, are we to live as butterflies

Caring never for what we were initially!


Pray, my own yesterday’s woes do I unload my soul of

Yes, and standing on a high cliff

Do I turn them into an invisible heap which I carry in my hand

And keeping my eyes closed

I do blow them away towards the stars

Meant to be disintegrated into the dark mass

Or meant to be swallowed into dark holes

Whichever be their fates

I care not

As long as I remain free from these!

©Anoucheka Gangabissoon

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