With this Will

Neelam Dadhwal

Neelam Dadhwal

Neelam Dadhwal is a poet from Chandigarh, India. She has recently authored, ‘Footprints’, which deals with aspects of womanhood. Her poems has been published in Readomania, Indian Poetry Review, Literary Yard, Kritya, Muse India. The Unknown Pen and anthologies on women international, peace and humanity. She blogs at Prism of Joy.
Neelam Dadhwal

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A poem of integration and hope from Neelam for Different Truths.

There is nothing to conquest in this sky,

and not theirs or ours

if it is cut enough to be your roof,

tight as mist around,

transpires to shed inhibition,

completely takes in its horizon,

dark and darkest burning misery and tears,

that there is no fear

of losing the Earth beneath

not adopting your dream feathers

always insistent on, rather camouflages well

with each hill task into desire,

with this will

far have you become free,

free of everything.

©Neelam Dadhwal

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