Why fret for the Bygone Days

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The hardships, pain and of , the iceberg of , creates the need to escape from its clutches. Shalini achieves it, in this verse, in Different Truths.

Yes I have floated on the iceberg of death
Strange I met
where do you go,
I ask the white clouds
to faraway land they say
I ask have you got the visa
a rara avis they are
filled with joie de vivre
We don’t need it, they say 
I envy their carefree life
Oh traveller, take me with you
the wall is my sorrow
break the wall of separatism
And carry me like a paper doll
When I transfigured
Grey became they, 
Awaiting the petrichor, 
I tag nicknames to every friend
Puffy, Fluffy and Ash
Alas, I became pieces in the rain
My friends cried, cried and cried
Epitome of friendship they were
They turned every piece into a cloud
Now, I keep floating above the iceberg of death
Watching lands and seas, its changing
I am enjoying the travel, flirting with
I sing aloud, “Why fret for the bygone days”
I got my Passion Fruit and am loving it.

©Shalini Samuel

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Shalini Samuel hails from Kanyakumari. She graduated in IT (2006) and did her Masters in Computer Science from Noorul Islam College of Engineering (2008), Kanyakumari. She started writing as a blogger and composed poems that was published in International journals and anthologies. She has ventured into fiction and essays too. She authored a poetry collection ‘Singing Soul’. Her passions include photography, gardening and cooking. She is eager to learn and cherish all kinds of writing.