Whispers of 10,000 Generations

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An evocative poem by Abhik. Here’s a lyric with epic sensibility, in Different Truths.

Whispers of 10,000 generations
Lead me to my garden
Oh space of knowledge and thought
Strike me, I ask ardent.

Ages pass
Universes flow
The will of humanity
Makes clocks go

Water is water
It flows in you, it flows in me
Universe I created
To perceive my entropy

Time and mathematics
Science and philosophy
Wrongly consumed
In the end I know

Strike me free of Notion
Strike me free of comprehension
Enter all, enter none
As I restart the cosmic motion.

©Abhik Shome

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Abhik Shome is a singer-songwriter, author and poet from New Delhi, India. His creative writings are bilingual (Hindi and English). His genres include prose, free verse, haiku, tanka, flash fiction and short stories. His works have been published in various National and International literary magazines, such as Spirits, The official journal of Indiana University North West (USA), Writers and Lovers Studio (Taiwan), Essence of Eternal Happiness (An Amazon India listed Bestselling Poetry Anthology), among others.