Where is the Edge?

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Here’s an , soul-searching poem by Monika, in Different Truths.

A strenuous path, the future seems.

Even if we tread, it would be like a
to nowhere, deprived of .

It was devoid of light, as we look back;
now looking ahead, we fathom,
our days in the Sun are numbered.

The World we live in is mouldering;
for so long, cherishing covetousness,
now can’t come out from the mess of manipulations.

Taking fake credits and applauds;
for pillaging Mother Earth for ;
even if we change now, all remains Godforsaken.

Only ‘The über rich’ will last longer
in the air-conditioned havens;
The rest shall fight the end.

The ground beneath their feet crumbles.
Spinning into a dystopian ,
none of them can wake from.

Once upon a time, despair used to be
a for the aged and frail,
now it as ubiquitous and inescapable
as the polluted wind and waterways.

“Where is the Edge?”
The outcast asks.


©Monika Ajay Kaul

Illustration by the poet and photos from the Internet

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Born in the Breathtakingly Beautiful Vale of Kashmir, Monika Ajay Kaul has had her schooling done there. A Post-Graduate in Business Management from New Delhi, an Academician by profession. She is passionate about writing poetry and short stories. An avid reader, mostly biographies and autobiographies of World Artists and Writers. Currently a full-time toiling mother. Besides writing, she is a painter too. Giving wings to her imagination through Beautiful Colors and Wuthering Words. As she has rightly put it into words, “Give wings to your imagination..and let your ingenuity fly..!”