When you do not write to me

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Here’s an intense and evocative love poem from Roula, in Different Truths.

When you don’t write to me
the night turns pierced colours of blue
the stars flee, or turn their faces
to meet me somewhere, half way.
Why do I go speechless?

Wanting to touch your voice
with my lips, time returns
melody of letters, sounds
on my mind’s smile
like pure colours
as the moon silent
leads me on her way

Trying to forget
like a sleepless night
you return to me, when
a dream-like clarity awakes me
with wet lips, the memories all
of love, all in our mind

I dislike, I like your kisses
what does love await for?
What does love want from me?
If I knew, I could love you.
Do I know you dream?
I only know
this time
love, is
the only

©Roula Pollard

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Roula Pollard, Greek poet, writer, playwright, translator, literary promoter, broadcaster, Poetry festival organizer, has publishd three collections of Poetry, and is included in international anthologies. She co-operates with Universities regarding literary and social projects. Roula studied Archaeology at Athens and obtained an M.A. in Classics, at Leeds. Lived in England for 25 years, was lecturer of Modern Greek language and Civilization at Wakefield College. She promoted top English and Greek poets and participated in prestigious English and Greek Poetry festivals.