When the Words Committed Harakiri

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Santosh, in her humourous , tells us how words handle a .

“They misuse us, abuse us

Malappropriate us,” said words of

every hue

Confabulating in a word-conference

Quivering with a passion intense.                                                    

“And then callously us,” said

Jabberwocky with a forlorn air.

“We will go on strike, why connive at

this deal ?”

Up went the chorus, “down, down,

down with the writer.”

But, among them sat a hoary fighter.

“I am a corollary damage of this word-war.

The writer forgot me hundreds of years back

But, I still yearn to make a comeback.”

Said Lethophobia, trying to shake

away the centuries’ dust.

“I will try to be rejuvenated, and remove this millennial rust”.

“They are useless without us”, said                                              


“Merely puppets on a string,

who can merely croak, not sing.”

“We will commit Hara-kiri”, the tired

words said in one voice.

In this word -war, being left with

no choice.

So the words,

Bold and cold

some new, some old

defiantly did fold their power and punch

and slipped into a black hole

coldly pursuing their goal.                                                                  

The writer felt the crunch

and sat nursing the writers’ block.

But on his head, like a solid,

unwavering rock

relentlessly tried to knock

the word , awesomely.

“I did not go on strike,” he said

blinking haughtily.

“Am I not awesome?” he said winking


“Ah, you are indeed awesome,” said

the writer

Beaming at the charmingly handy word awesomely.                           

The writer now had a deluge of

awesome ideas

Awesome indeed had the of

a rock.

And the writer was thus saved from

the writers’ block.

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Santosh Bakaya

Santosh Bakaya

Widely published, Santosh Bakaya wrote three mystery novels, 'The Mystery of the Relic', 'The Mystery of the Jhalana Fort' and 'The Mystery of the Pine Cottage'. 'Ballad of Bapu' is a poetic biography of Mahatma Gandhi. She received the International Reuel Award for writing and literature 2014, for her long poem 'Oh Hark!' It’s part of the 'Significant Anthology'. Santosh is an educationist, poet and writer. She celebrates the extraordinariness in the ordinary people. She has a doctorate in Political Theory. Hailing from Kashmir, she stays in Jaipur, India, with her husband and college going .
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