When I die

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It’s not just a death wish or an elegy for oneself, but the yearning to be loved ever after. Here is a soulful by Sunita exclusively for .

Today as my thoughts begin to fly,
The day when I die,
Burn me and bring my ashes ,
As my soul wanders and roam.

Dig my ashes in the ground,
Draw a circle round.
Now plant a flowering tree,
Let my spirits set free.

Water the plant every day,
It will make you and gay,
When the flowers begin to bloom,
It will bring you joy and waive the gloom.

Caress and the leaves,
See what a magic it weaves,
When you hold a flower in your hand,
It will take you to the land.

You will feel I’m living along with you,
It will rekindle the sparks you always knew.
The tree with its rich endeavour,
Will make our love live forever.

©Nitasu aka Sunita Paul

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Sunita Paul

Sunita Paul

For -based Sunita Paul aka Nitasu Laup, a single , reading and writing has been her childhood passion. She won prizes in writing competitions. She began writing seriously after joining Facebook. Author Deborah Brookes Langford and Author Susan Joyner Stumpf helped her publish. Her two books, ‘Stars of Lightning’ and ‘Women of Passion’ are collaborations with different authors. Her first solo book, ‘Inked with Love’ was published recently. She hopes to write a novel soon.
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