We are the Living Dead!

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On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of India’s independence, Farheen asks some pertinent questions and wonders where is the secular India that the Founding Fathers of our liberation had dreamt of. A Different Truths exclusive.


The dream I see

The valour of my intact be

With pride by my one side

And the happiness on the other stride

When fortune favours the brave

Together with one voice, march to save

Those were the days, extremely unusual

People believed in one action and not dual

The woman birthed babies for whom the dream was one

To grow up; get sacrificed in front of an enemy’s gun

Where are such people and such people’s love for a nation?

Why love, care, secularism are felt precisely as ration

This country raised the Braveheart not only from one community

How they try to prove; Ah! It’s a pity

Don’t lend your precious ears to hear hatred cacophony

When you have always loved the symphony

They exaggerate, they make you fight and cease your power of thinking

Your love for that one group starts sinking

They make you enemies at one go

When they ask you to harm others, say no

Tell them, humans are humans, all feel the pain, families are broken, women are raped, children lose their mind

Where peace I need to find

What is left is media coverage, unending debates, newspaper headlines, and grants to the dead

Use your mind, save a life, help, bring in positivity instead

The doesn’t do any good to my country

Especially, the nation that was long ago made free

Believe me, the country you believe is your mother

Who will save her, you, you and you, none others

Guard your country and make us proud

Be those countrymen as our freedom fighters were among the Indian crowd

So brave, honest, and only one thought to make the country free, we know

They wanted to breathe freedom and seeds of unity they had to sow

Together, we will fight and get our country back

Only one motive – in nationalism nobody should lack

Unique obsession they had for the county, my friend

They the soil and loved the country’s each strand

They didn’t know, people will fight over meat, religion, marriages among different faiths, tweets, and the triviality

Some sourced words, some other the tune, yet others brought their best ability

Where are we heading, my dream is worried too?

I have been consoling it, it says it’s not the way I grew

When I was seen by a freedom fighter, the dream said

With his brimming patriotism, I knew, with freedom I need to wed

The Patriots belong only to one group they say

The other group would even die to show, nay

Nobody would accept him as a patriot

He was a traitor, lynching is appropriate for that bigot

My nation’s air no longer feels so pure

Despite so many religious , only hatred, bloodshed, and future unsure

Did they die, for us, to see?

Not the nationalism, but lynching and riots to be the social spree

If you want to die, die for your country, countrymen and to save country’s honour

Love was free then, for publicity no one had to wait

Could reside among people despite different faiths

The festivals didn’t know which religion

Even after the country’s partition

Neighbours – an extended family; let’s coexist

Hindu sister tied Rakhi on a Muslim brother’s wrist

The country in which Ganapati idols, make

Hindu tailors ready clothes for Eid sake

From a flooded mosque, Sikhs risk their lives to secure the Holy Book; incredible

Christians present crackers to Hindu children on Diwali; commendable

This is the India we know

Don’t compromise and stoop low

Raise yourself to show the world a perfect view

We coexist like a fabric woven with diverse hues

We pay no heed to religious scorners

On getting secularism , we are the mourners

Participate in my country’s success

For repressive minds care less

‘Coz progressive minds will outshine the mess

We had once fought against the whites

Need a revolution against our internal fights

Let our flag bind us together

Add ‘brotherhood’, to your cap, as a special feather

Leave our country; yes you, who wants that one group leave

Not we, your brazen acts suffocate the air – believe me

Trust us, in our country, nobody wants bloodshed

We aren’t alive, watching unrest, deaths, and fear; in our country, we are the living dead.

©Farheen Viquas

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Farheen Viquas

Farheen Viquas

Farheen Viquas is a Senior Technical Editor/Writer working in Bangalore, India. She has worked as a Technical Writer/Editor, Mentor/Coach, Language Consultant, Information Tester, English Trainer, and Transcriber. When not at work, she loves to cook, read, write poetry and prose, listen to music, bake cakes, fish keeping, and embroider. She is also a stained-glass enthusiast.
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