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Love or its loss is found among the mundane, everyday things. It speaks through the most ordinary objects about two people very close. Here’s a love poem by Mallika, for Different Truths.

A cleaning spree,
some dusty memories
found in a drawer
of the bedside table.
A cluster of things,
mostly bills ,
old prescriptions ,
warranty cards ,
this and that
bits of our humdrum life
randomly lying.

I sort them with deft hands
crumpled pieces of paper,
grown useless with time
mostly to be trashed,
like our rambling conversation
on etcetera, etcetera
during these togetherness years
while the silence ,
neatly folded
in between the words,
actually hold us.

©Mallika Bhaumik

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Mallika did her post graduation in English from Calcutta University. She is fond of reading. She composes poems and has contributed to online poetry groups. She is deeply interested music, cooking and travelling. Mallika runs an event management company with her husband. Historical places enchants her. She lives in Kolkata, India with her husband and two sons.