Us, just us

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Here’s an evocative love poem by Nilakshi, as we celebrate the season of fertility and bounty, with the festival of colours, in Different Truths.

Will there be a time 

When there’ll be us

Just us

Waiting for each other

Holding on to each other

As life passes by…

Will we watch people go

About their daily business

And smile at memories

We had made together. 

Us, just us? 

The flowers will bloom brighter 

The birds sing louder

The breeze blow stronger 

The sea linger longer 

Just so that we savour it all

Us, just us.

Will you breathe that lighter 

Smile just that kindlier 

Move just that easier

Your soul full with knowing 

That I’m yours, all yours

Forever and maybe more. 

That there’s no one else besides, it’s 

Us, just us?

Will I laugh at little nothings

As always I did

Will I sing, hum and warble

With you soaking all in? 

Will I read you tales of lives before

Of spirit, courage, fire and will?

Will I rest my tired eyes on the evening glow of yours? 

And drink in that twilight essence, of

Us, just us?

Will they read stories about us?

Our lives, our days, our histories? 

Will our lives be worth telling about

To others who follow our trail?

Or should we read this book of life, 

Use it, and just throw? 

Does it stay?  Does it end, with

Us, just us? 

©Nilakshi Roy

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Nilakshi Roy is an Associate Professor in English in Vaze College, Mulund, Mumbai. An occasional academic writer and poet, she writes short stories and articles. A founder of Culture All: Conversations on Cultural and Social Awareness, she works with underprivileged children and women, in Thane, in her spare time as of now. She has authored a number of papers on diverse subjects, notably on fashion, on the Saree, and the choli, and on film.