Trees: The Givers!

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Sunita celebrates the tree in a poem replete with rich images, in Different Truths.

A row of trees

Looks the same

And yet so different-

These glowing greens-

Some the colour of moss,

Others light as spring or shining emeralds

Swaying in the breeze,

They can put the mind to ease,

Providing shade and comfort

To weary travellers


Up in its branches,

the cuckoo nests,

It’s shining eggs are hatched till it bursts-

To reveal such tiny birdies!

Deep down in a hole

In the thick roots,

The hissing slithering

Has also gone to sleep


High up, hangs a spider

Spinning a silvery web,

Which sparkles in the sunlight,

A playground for the frolicking brood,

Swinging from branch to branch-

The athletic monkeys kick up a storm!


Feeding on its unique cuisine

Of tender greens, is the pupa

The thick branches also are

Perfect resting places for the twittering classes –

Every morning, evening, they have meetings

Sitting and chatting on the branches!


These trees, that we see,

Are never just that

They carry many worlds with them,

They are the givers in a world of takers!

 ©Sunita Singh

Pictures from the internet.

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Sunita Singh was born and brought up in Allahabad, India. After she got married and moved to Delhi, she worked in a Computer Software and
Training Company. Later, she opted to become a stay-at- home parent to look after her two sons. Even during this period, she continued taking private English and Communication classes at home. Writing poems was always a passion but it is only recently that she has started sharing her writings in public. She writes in both- English as well as Hindi. In fact, she has written the lyrics of 2 songs for a private album. She stays in Delhi with her husband and two sons. She loves travelling, music, reading and finds inspiration from nature.