To You, the Government

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A protest by Sunita for unity against and the terrorist attacks going around the world.

Whenever you try to curb my wings,
At the point of gun or at your mood swings.
I rise up and fight against all odds,
With me there is always the guard of my .
It’s the same God which you worship and pray,
Then why on this earth you never want me to stay?
I do not know where I have wronged you!
Or what was my mistake, hope I had knew!
Only one thing I see that my has become ,
Coz, every day in the warship’s sirens I hear a bell.
My was caught and killed to death,
I couldn’t even see them taking their last breath.
What did my two year old son do to you?
I know he could walk a steps few.
Or my beautiful daughter whom you raped with your gang,
Oh! I can still hear how sweetly she sang.
My husband, who was so religious and pious,
Was killed in all your chaos.
I still ask almighty in the dark and ,
What was the reason for my life’s such dreadful plight?
Was my religion the cause of all these war and strife?
Then I ask who made this religion when a child is given life?
If religion or racism the cause of this destruction?
That my life has stopped at the worst end of a junction

©Nitasu aka Sunita Paul

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Sunita Paul

Sunita Paul

For -based Sunita Paul aka Nitasu Laup, a single child, reading and writing has been her passion. She won prizes in writing competitions. She began writing seriously after joining Facebook. Author Deborah Brookes Langford and Author Susan Joyner Stumpf helped her publish. Her two books, ‘Stars of Lightning’ and ‘Women of Passion’ are collaborations with different authors. Her first solo book, ‘Inked with Love’ was published recently. She hopes to write a novel soon.
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