To Find my own Word

Duska tries to find her own word, her own voice, as all poets and writers do in this verse.

Countless poets have already told                                                      
how they see a whole world in a grain of sand,
infinity in the palm of a hand, all heaven in an eye,
and how a single day can be an eternity..

Many of them have glorified love,
cursed suffering, sorrow and pain,
described death, hell, paradise and a happy home,
earnest that everlasting shall be their work and name.

Everything has been said and seen,
forewarned, sung and written about,
and there is nothing that has never been.

So why then do here I stand
Like the first woman and the first man,
As if I were a God.

To say what was told?
To describe what is written?
To find my own word.

©Duška Vrhovac

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Duska Vrhovac

Duska Vrhovac

Duška Vrhovac, poet, writer, journalist and translator from Banja Luka, ex-Yugoslavia, graduated from the Faculty of Philology, Belgrade University. She has published 20 books of poetry, which have been translated, in more than 20 languages. She is one of the most important contemporary poets from Serbia. She has received important awards for poetry and the gold medal for the ‘generosity, dedication, perseverance and creative contributions… made to spread the culture of the nationalities of the Republic of Serbia’.
Duska Vrhovac

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