To Communicate, Connect, and Grow!

Here’s an evocative verse from a teacher, in Different Truths.

While teaching skills of communication at some university,

Came across a bevy of gems, whose teacher I was to be.

As they mastered skills of presentations, interviews, GD’s and CVs.

I got tutored in some amazing life lessons from these students of me:

To communicate, connect, and grow.

Each one of them a brand ambassador of some virtue, Dale Carnegie advocated in his “How to…” series.

Empathy, ease of learning, inquisitiveness, teamwork, and a dosage of humour, made their innocence glow.

If traits were transplanted in discontent – brewing, commercial units, named Schools.

No Pradyuman or Nirbhaya was breached.

Instead, groom the inherent goodness of a child.

And schools and homes to selflessly provide lessons in humanities along with science.

©Manjinder Wratch ‘MannSlarjang’

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