Those Industrious Palms

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Arun tells us about city life, in this verse, in Different Truths.

The gush of light coming

Through the window,

The chirping of the birds,

The bell of the milkman,

The yell of the newspaper man,

The bustling life outside after the lull,

May not bring the owners

Of those industrious palms

The mellow morning

They so earnestly wait for.


Granted prayers

For timely rain and sun;

A healthy harvest eclipsing

The toil and turmoil year-round,

To feed the humanity around,

May herald a morning

Diligent farmers rightfully deserve,

Sans a worry for survival.


Mustn’t we strive together for this,

A paltry requisite for a sublime wish?

©Arun Dash 

Photos from the Internet, Feature painting by  Ramesh Jhawar’s Artwork

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Arun Dash works as a Senior Technical Author for AVEVA India based in Hyderabad. An alumnus of the prestigious Ravenshaw College in Cuttack, he keeps an active interest in literature and is an avid blogger.