There is a Mad Girl in Me

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An intense poem by Olaitan, wherein the poet wants to break shackles. Here’s a protest poem, in Different Truths. 

I just want to run out
Of this world,
Far away 
From these echoes…

Far away
From these haunting shadows,
Mouthless voices,
And tempting demons.

These tongues whip me!
I host demons in my head,
And every night 
Is a celestial festival,
Right here…

There is a mad girl in me!

There is a mad girl in…

©Olaitan Maryam Mojisola

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Olaitan Maryam Mojisola is a Nigerian. She is also a Student, Blogger, Sales Representative, Poet, Writer and an Essayist. Some of her poems have been published in anthologies, on webzines and blogs.