The Ultimate

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A sensuous and erotic poem by Amrinder, for Different Truths.

Soaring of passions like

winged .

A cataract of pleasure

Cascading over flesh.

Grim determined pursuits 

Without civilised .

Faces contorted

As if in pain.

The grappling and groping

As if battling for life,

Like two

In lethal combat.

The exquisite ,

The tormenting clasp,

The building of pressures,

The straining the striving

The shuddering release

Of rapturous convulsions

The languorous stupor

The rejuvenation complete.

A bounty greater than this

Can bestow?

©Amrinder Kaur Bajaj

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Dr. Amrinder Kaur Bajaj

Dr. Amrinder Kaur Bajaj

Dr. Amrinder Kaur Bajaj is a practicing gynaecologist and the HOD Obs & Gynae at MAX Hospital Pitampura, Delhi. Writing is a passion that has led to the publication of two wellness books, a book of poems, a joke book, and a memoir based on her association with the noted Indian author and columnist Khushwant Singh. She regularly writes columns, articles, travelogues, and short stories for magazines and newspapers and has contributed chapters to medical text books.
Dr. Amrinder Kaur Bajaj

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