The Pronoun

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An interesting and a thought-provoking poem by Carlos, in .

I, we,


He, she, it, they,

Oh, these pronouns!


Pronounce one that’s dangerous,

You’ll fall prey.

Your determined usage,

In unison again and again,

Elevated your reaction,

But for a moment,

Like collapse of huge,

That devastates around,

Will be your predetermined .


Pronounce one that’s dangerous,

You’ll fall prey.

Rejection, condemnation,

, deprivation,

Will be your favourite gifts .


The pride with which

You’ll harp the pronoun,

Sharp sword will pierce

Places unknown.


Pronounce one that’s dangerous,

You’ll fall prey.

Treat the pronoun,

Harmlessly it will pave a way,

Humble your life will be,

If you shoo that pronoun away.

Life will have a smooth sway.

©Carlos Luis 

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Carlos Luis

Carlos Luis

Carlos Luis is a poet, author, editor and a public speaker. He is the CEO of Unbeatable Combi, which is an animated blog containing book reviews, features, short stories and poems; beneficial and an attractive reserve for passionate readers. He is known for his provocative letters to the editor that has created vibes and blown winds of change. He has a dream to become a TEDx speaker, motivating and encouraging young minds for the better.
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