The Pronoun

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An interesting and a thought-provoking poem by Carlos, in .

I, we,


He, she, it, they,

Oh, these pronouns!


Pronounce one that’s dangerous,

You’ll fall prey.

Your determined usage,

In unison again and again,

Elevated your reaction,

But for a moment,

Like collapse of building huge,

That devastates ambiance around,

Will be your predetermined .


Pronounce one that’s dangerous,

You’ll fall prey.

Rejection, condemnation,

Separation, deprivation,

Will be your gifts gifted.


The pride with which

You’ll harp the pronoun,

Sharp will pierce

Places unknown.


Pronounce one that’s dangerous,

You’ll fall prey.

Treat the pronoun,

Harmlessly it will pave a way,

Humble your will be,

If you shoo that pronoun away.

Life will have a smooth sway.

©Carlos Luis 

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Carlos Luis is a poet, author, editor and a public speaker. He is the CEO of Unbeatable Combi, which is an animated blog containing book reviews, features, short stories and poems; beneficial and an attractive reserve for passionate readers. He is known for his provocative letters to the editor that has created vibes and blown winds of change. He has a dream to become a TEDx speaker, motivating and encouraging young minds for the better.