The Old Lady

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Here’s an enigmatic portrayal of an old by Monika, for .

Her eyes,

like an ocean

and composed

One could

sense them,

carry all the pain,


the whole world holds.

They clearly

her weakness,

her fears

and the huge

of those

uncried .

Keeping aside

All that she

held inside,

She still

managed to


The old lady

Kept walking miles

after miles.

©Monika Arora ‘mia’

Photos from the internet.

“Words are living thing – I believe,” she lives by this idea about life. Monika Arora is a central government employee by work, an artist by choice, a writer by passion and a homemaker by love and fate. Bronze medallist in a state level essay competition by the vice-president of India. District topper in English. Her crafts have been published by few online journals. Also selected by an international fashion magazine for an upcoming issue.