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Here’s an intense by Olaitan, her last wish to her fellow-beings, wherein she speaks of the Judgment , in Different Truths.

The gate
Of Jerusalem swallows
My spirit before ,

The breeze of realms
Fill my mortal ,

Awaits my flesh
To fill its mouth,

You hear
The joyful cry
Of all our ancestors,

Be still!
Gather your tears!

For, I leave
And judgment is done.

©Olaitan Maryam M.

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Olaitan Maryam Mojisola

Olaitan Maryam Mojisola

Olaitan Maryam Mojisola is a Nigerian. She is also a Student, Blogger, Sales Representative, Poet, Writer and an Essayist. Some of her poems have been published in anthologies, on webzines and blogs.
Olaitan Maryam Mojisola

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