The God Within

Here’s an evocative poem by Geethanjali that operates at several layers – from the mundane to the sublime, in Different Truths.

Breathe with me in your desire to imbibe the heaviness of having manifested!
Come breathe in every pore that you have covered yourselves with,
Layers of births and aeons that you incarnated as forests, raging fires and drowning to sink
yourselves as the ore of life …deep in earth’s womb!
Shed your heaviness that sits as nemesis swimming around as atoms that need liberation.
Unleash and mitigate yourselves and consciously inhale and exhale all of your desires that
gathered up in ripples of redundancy in your journeys of enjoying your inert feelingless
Rip that mask off and decide to crawl into cells that miraculously shape life laughing and
crying with creation.
Step out of your paradigm and see what it is to be human and know that life also means
Do you have the gumption to know that we too don’t last forever? 
But I say! You are pretty mute and deaf aren’t you?
Being so established that you cannot even move by yourself!
Do you at least now remember being a tree? 
And that you have now offered yourself as a seat?
I see your soul … do see mine too. Stop pretending to be lifeless.
Your energy is as much mine for you transfer it constantly.
There is nothing inanimate about you. 
For you evoked all these words from the depths of my soul!
Keep breathing!
That is where truth exists… a breath in unison.

©Geethanjali Dilip

Photos from the internet.

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