The Dark Monologue

The transformation into evil has been mapped in this enigmatic poem by Sudeshna.

Accused of being evil
Incarnation of the devil
Don’t you know your own soul?
I have taken all your toll
I was once very light
Till you punched holes and blight
Sullied my spotless white
Tarnished with every vice
Little by little my image dimmed
Sunlight left ebone rimmed
My shine lost its luster to blackness
While I smirked with sallow wickedness
Fed on jealousy, envy and anger
I grew in potential danger
Now I am as dark as dark can be
Being fed the devil in me
Recklessly I have grown tumourous
Diabolical cynical and cantankerous
Stoking the fire of my evil run
Eating away at happiness I burn
Spoilt as I am for choice
No one dares to raise their voice
Your good resided by my side
Why blame me when you did not feed the right
I was a nascent formless thought
Your penchant for turbid had you caught
I was limitless till you hedged me in
Giving me a body of boundless sin
Poison sucked the dark inside
Venom propagates its own reside
I am the monster raised by you
I have pervaded all over you
Casting dark demented spells
Overpowered …in you I dwell.


© Sudeshna Mukherjee

Pix from Net.

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